Can SKP1000 program key for Land Rover Discovery 2 ?

Q:  Can skp1000 program key for Land rover Discovery 2?
A: Sorry, it will not. SKP1000 key programmer will program key for Discovery 3 (-2012 and 2010-), Discovery 4 2010-2014 (L319).


SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer replaces SuperOBD SKP900

SKP1000 auto key programmer, a rebadged CI600 Plus(Chinese version) manufactured by Lonsdor company, mainly programs kinds of key  on a wide range of car brands from all of the world, as well as performs pin code calculation, mileage adjustment,  EPB+ Oil/service Reset and other special functions etc.
In another word, SKP1000 is the replacement of Superobd SKP900 (which will stop producing).
A very nice feature is the One Key Upgrade” button allows SKP1000 to free update online for one year.

SKP1000 outlook features:
Red color
Handheld with 4″ display screen
Not too heavy to hold, very easy to take
Clear key memory;
Program keys, proximity keys, smart key, flip keys;
Program after-market and OEM keys;
Read keys from immobilizer memory
New mechanical key number programming;
Vehicle identification key programming;
Reset ECU& Reset immobilizer;
New remote controller programming;
Immo PINCODE reader for many vehicles and no need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
Mileage adjustment via OBD;
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
Remote assistance
EEPROM chip read and immobilizer initialization;
EPB(Electric park brake);
Oil/Service reset;
EEPROM/PIC adapter

SKP-1000 workable vehicle list:

SKP1000 programmer Cons:
English only, no other language so far. Maybe other language will be available as SKP900, but it needs some time.

Where to order cheapest working SKP1000 programmer?
OBDII365 factory preorder 500pcs SKP1000 programmer and will soon be available at the end of July.
SKP1000 programmer price is to be about $500, but not sure now. If you are interested in it, just keep an eye on www.obdii365.com


SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer v5.0 Update Plan

SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer V5.0 update plan,coming soon.
Free Download SKP900 V5.0 Software

SKP900 5.0 update feature:
1. Ford raptor F-150 Key Program and PCM-PATS Synchronization
2. Mitsubishi Smart Key Program -2013
3. BAIC MOTOR BJ80 Smart Key Program
4. BAIC MOTOR D60 Smart Key Program
5. BAIC MOTOR D61 Smart Key Program
6. BAIC MOTOR X55 Smart Key Program
7. BAIC MOTOR X65 Smart Key Program
8. Hyundai Verna Key Program 2014-
9. BYD Tang Smart Key Program
10. ZOTYE LangLang Smart Key Program
11. TOYOTA Scion XB Remote Program 2007-2010
12. TOYOTA Scion FRS Key Program 2013-2015
13. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program (Africa)
14. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Africa)
15. TOYOTA Fortuner Key Program 2009(Africa)
16. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Africa)
17. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2007-2013(Africa)
18. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002-2009(Africa)
19. TOYOTA Mark x Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
20. TOYOTA Premio Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
21. TOYOTA Premio Key Program 2006(Africa)
22. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2013(Africa)
23. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2005-2008(Africa)
24. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
25. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2009-(Australia)
26. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2003(Australia)
27. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
28. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2009-2010(Australia)
29. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-(Australia)
30. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Australia)
31. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-(Australia)
32. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
33. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2009-(Australia)
34. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2004-2008(Australia)
35. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2009-(Australia)
36. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2005-2007(Australia)
37. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-(Australia)
38. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 1998-2002(Australia)
39. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002(Australia)
40. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2012(Australia)
41. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2002-2008(Australia)
42. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2009-(Australia)
43. TOYOTA Prado Smart Key Program 2009-(Australia)
44. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
45. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
46. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2009-(Australia)
47. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
48. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
49. TOYOTA Vanguard Smart Key Program 2009(Australia)
50. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2005-2009(Australia)
51. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-(Australia)
52. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2007-2009(Europe)
53. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
54. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
55. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 1997-2008(Europe)
56. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
57. TOYOTA Avensis Smart Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
58. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2011-(Europe)
59. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program 2005-2014(Europe)
60. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
61. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2001-2003(Europe)
62. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2004-2007(Europe)
63. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2013(Europe)
64. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
65. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2011-(Europe)
66. TOYOTA IQ Key Program 2008-2014(Europe)
67. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2004-2009(Europe)
68. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
69. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
70. TOYOTA Mr2 Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
71. TOYOTA Previa Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
72. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2003-2009(Europe)
73. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
74. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2003-2005(Europe)
75. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
76. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
77. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012-(Europe)
78. TOYOTA Urban Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009(Europe)
79. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2009-2010(Europe)
80. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2012-(Europe)
81. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2010(Europe)
82. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2001-2005(Europe)
83. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
84. TOYOTA Yaris Smart Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
85. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-2011(Europe)
86. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2011-(Europe)
87. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2010(Middle East)
88. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2006-2009(Middle East)
89. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012(Middle East)
90. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
91. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
92. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2012(South America)
93. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2013(South America)
94. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2003-2009(North America)
95. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
96. TOYOTA 4 Runner Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
97. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2005(North America)
98. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2005(North America)
99. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
100. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
101. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
102. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
103. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
104. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2002(North America)
105. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2003-2005(North America)
106. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006(North America)
107. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2007-2011(North America)
108. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
109. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
110. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2005-2006(North America)
111. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
112. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-2010(North America)
113. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
114. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
115. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
116. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2014-(North America)
117. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2008-2009(North America)
118. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
119. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2001-2003(North America)
120. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
121. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
122. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
123. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
124. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
125. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2015(North America)
126. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2015(North America)
127. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2007(North America)
128. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2008-2014(North America)
129. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
130. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2003-2007(North America)
131. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
132. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2014(North America)
133. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
134. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
135. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
136. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
137. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
138. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
139. TOYOTA Prius C TWO Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
140. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2004-2006(North America)
141. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
142. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
143. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
144. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
145. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
146. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
147. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
148. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
149. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
150. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
151. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
152. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
153. TOYOTA Sienna Smart Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
154. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2015(North America)
155. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2002-2003(North America)
156. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
157. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
158. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
159. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
160. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
161. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
162. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
163. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2009(North America)
164. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
165. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2012-2014(North America)
166. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2007(North America)
167. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2011(North America)
168. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
169. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2014(North America)



SKP900 Program Remote Key on LEXUS RX330

Here is a tutorial on generating and programming remote key on Lexus EX330 with KD900 remote generator and SKP900 auto key programmer.

Original key and new key

Vehicle model:
LEXUS RX330 or TOYOTA Harrier

Part 1: Generate Remote with KD900
Connect remote module with KD900
connect remote module with KD900


Make remote success, press ESC
Make remote success


Simulate device success, then put the remote module into key shell
Simulate device success

Part 2: Program Remote with SKP 900
Select “TOYOTA” -> Remote
Choose “Remote system1” on SYSTEM SELECTION menu
Remote system1

Insert original key and Turn ignition on
Turn ignition on

SKP900 is communicating with vehicle…
Choose “Program Remote”
Program Remote

Then turn ignition on and open the drive door
Then turn ignition on
In 5 seconds, press LOCK & UNLOCK button of Remote twice
In 5 seconds, press LOCK & UNLOCK button of Remote twice
LOCK & UNLOCK button
Matching success!
Matching success
Now test the remote
test the remote
Test the power door
Test the power door
Done! SKP900 car key maker Program remote for Lexus RX330 success! The new programmed key is working now.


SKP900 Program VW Jetta 2010 All Keys Lost

Successfully read pin code and program new key for VW Jetta 2010 (all keys have lost) by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.

Step 1: Read PIN code
Turn ignition on and connect SKP900 with car via OBD port.
Select Immobilizer> VW > Read Pin code1>Password Reading SYS1
Password Reading SYS1
Wait a minute and SKP900 read out the pin code as 3904.

Step 2: Program Key
Back to VW menu, select Jetta 10-
select Jetta 10-
Choose “Immobilizer System” then “Yes”. SKP900 will show you vehicle information, click “Yes”.
Immobilizer System
Select Program Key
Select Program Key
Enter the pin code 3094 and confirm.
Enter the pin code 3094
Current number of keys:1
Current number of keys
Enter key numbers to be programmed, maximum 2 keys can be programmed
Enter key numbers to be programmed
Now use all matching keys to turn on ignition. It will soon show “Matching Finished”.
Matching Finished
Program a new key succeed.
Test the new key.


SKP900 Adds Keyless Push Start on Toyota Alphard 2010

Guide to program push start on Toyota Alphard 2010 by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.

You need 2 remotes, one programmed and the other to be programmed
need 2 remotes
Press Start button for wtice
Select Toyota
Select SmartKey1
Go go Keyless System
Keyless System
Choose OBDII adapter
Turn ignition ON
Select Add Keyless
Add Keyless
Put a registered keyless in the key coil
Put a registered keyless
Put a registered keyless 2
Put a new keyless in the key coil
Put a new keyless in the key coil
Program complete
Test the new programmed smart key
It is working.


SKP900 Adds Honda Jade 2014 Remote Key

Here is the instruction on programming remote key for Honda Jade 2014 MPV by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.
The Honda Jade is a compact MPV produced by Honda Motor Company. It was first introduced in the Chinese market in September 2013. Starting February 2015, a hybrid version is to be sold in Japan with a 2+2+2 seating layout.

Connect SKP-900 key programmer with vehicle
Insert new remote key to turn ignition on, security light goes on because the remote key has not been programmed
Go to Function selection menu, select Immobilizer
select Immobilizer
Select vehicle make: Honda
Select vehicle make: Honda
Select Immobilizer 3
Select Immobilizer 3
Select Immobilizer System
Select Immobilizer System
Choose OBDII adapter  and turn ignition ON
Choose OBDII adapter
Communicating…please wait
Select All Key Lost Add Remote
Select All Key Lost Add Remote
Insert key and IGN ON
Enter key number to be programmed and confirm
Enter key number
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Turn ignition off within 15 sec
Turn ignition ON
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Indicator light off? If off, press yes, otherwise press NO
Indicator light off
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Add remote key success via SKP900
Add remote key
Test the remote
Start car with new remote key