Which programmer will make Toyota/Lexus 2015 smart key?

Can the Key Pro M8 car key programmer program Toyota/Lexus 2015 smart keys?
The Key Pro M8 will not do latest Toyota or Lexus ALL Key lost. But it will add smart keys for some these models. You’s better check the vehicle list first.  But SKP900 key programmer is better option to add Toyota smart key than M8 key pro.


SKP900 failed to read Dodge Chrysler pin

I have SKP900 OBD2 key programmer with software version V3.6. Why will it not work right Dodge Chrysler programming pin.
Possible reason:
SKP-900 reads the pin of some models, not all of the claimed ....If you need to read 
Chrysler pin code, better read it with Chryslerpin code reader.

V4.0 SKP900 SKP-900 key programmer software updated

SuperOBD SKP900 Hand-held OBD2 key programmer English software has newly updated to V4.0.
SKP-900 V4.0 Update Plan:
1, Cadillac ATS-L smart key program 2015-
2, Cadillac SRX smart key program 2015-
3, Cadillac XTS smart key program 2015-
4, Mitsubishi V93 key program 2015-
5, JEEP Grand Cherokee smart key program 2014-
6, Cadillac SLS smart key program 2007-2009
7, Hyundai smart key program 2015-
8, Buick Excelle smart key program 2015-
9, some Fix BUG
FAW XENIA S80 key program
FAW N5 key program
FAW V5 key program
FAW V7 key program
FAW D60 key program
Chery E5 remote program
Great Wall H2 smart key program
ZhongHua key program free pincode
MG GS Smart key program


Can SKP900 46/4D/48 Adapter copy 4C chip?

One SKP900 key programmer user consult obdii365 technician that can he buy the 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900 to copy/clone 4C transponder chip.

46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900
Obdii365 technician suggestion:
Sorry, the 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900 can only copy 46,4D, 48 chip, cannot copy 4C chip. To copy 4C chip, you choose ND900, CN900 or Qucickly 4C/4D/46/48 key clone machines with CN1 chip.

SKP900 white screen error when add tokens (fixed)

SKP-900 tokens run out, trying to add tokens follow the pdf manual obdii365.com provided. Power up the SKP900 key programmer but there was no any button options. The system enter into Main menu after pressing Yes button. But screen does not display any letters and will not proceed.


Update your SKP900 to newer version.  Current latest version goes to V3.9.

How to add free SKP900 tokens 
How to update SKP-900 key programmer


SKP900 failed to work Toyota Crown 2003 smart key

Hi all, how to program Toyota crown 2003 smart key? I tried using skp900 key programmer, but skp900 doesn't work smart system, i using used key.


Here are the suggestions of some experienced locksmiths:


MKlll Device + Toyota Lexus Smart key software = 3800 USD


why would any one go for MKIII Device at 3800 usd better purchase a Zed-full which has more options

But the cost is prohibitive for MKIII to only Virgin used smart remotes. Zed full has more features like you can use dump files to add more smart remotes.

SKP900 failed to communicate with Toyota Land Cruiser (Fixed)

Any one with any idea why the skp900 hand-held OBD2 key programmer failed to communicate with Toyota Land cruiser 2008 model. Trying to reset.
If this smart key vehicle can't do with skp900.
You should remove smart ecu, id code box and reset after you can programmer key
Used key or brand new key

If you want add used smart key then reset smart ecu and add key via Toyota techstream software.
Add used smart key is easy.
Send the smart ecu dump file to your local technician and they can reset it for you

American Toyota vehicle can smart reset via obd port 
Techstream + passcode calculator

Even japan toyota...ad100 out code calculator + techstream

Here is the detail step-by-step instruction on How to program Toyota Smart Key with Techstream