SKP900 Adds Honda Jade 2014 Remote Key

Here is the instruction on programming remote key for Honda Jade 2014 MPV by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.
The Honda Jade is a compact MPV produced by Honda Motor Company. It was first introduced in the Chinese market in September 2013. Starting February 2015, a hybrid version is to be sold in Japan with a 2+2+2 seating layout.

Connect SKP-900 key programmer with vehicle
Insert new remote key to turn ignition on, security light goes on because the remote key has not been programmed
Go to Function selection menu, select Immobilizer
select Immobilizer
Select vehicle make: Honda
Select vehicle make: Honda
Select Immobilizer 3
Select Immobilizer 3
Select Immobilizer System
Select Immobilizer System
Choose OBDII adapter  and turn ignition ON
Choose OBDII adapter
Communicating…please wait
Select All Key Lost Add Remote
Select All Key Lost Add Remote
Insert key and IGN ON
Enter key number to be programmed and confirm
Enter key number
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Turn ignition off within 15 sec
Turn ignition ON
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Indicator light off? If off, press yes, otherwise press NO
Indicator light off
Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON
Add remote key success via SKP900
Add remote key
Test the remote
Start car with new remote key