SuperOBD SKP900 Key programmer update to V3.9

SuperOBD SKP-900 V3.9 Update Highlights (Dec. 23th) (NEW):  

1. PROTON key and smart key program release(Free pincode)
2. Citroen c-elysee key program
3. TOYOTA camry ID-4C key program 2000-2004
4. Jeep Grand Cherokee key program 2007
5. MAZDA Axela smart key program optimize
6. MAZDA ATENZA smart key program optimize
7. Jaguar remote program 2008 optimize
8. Chrysler JEEP Dodge menu optimize
9. some Fix BUG
 Zotye Z300 IMMO Program
Changan remote program 2014
Chery E3 remote program
Changhe-suzuki key program

SKP900 Portuguese version update to v3.8 as well.


SKP900 Key Programmer program key for Toyota Hilux

Today,obdii365 has successfully programmed a key for a Toyota Hilux also called Toyota Pickup (US) with SKP900 key programmer
Toyota Hilux

skp900 program Toyota Hilux key

and we've use skp900 to prgoram key for another model Mazda Atenza 2013 smart key
SKP Mazda Atenza 2013 smart key



Just Programmed Cadillac SRX 2013
Push button remote with the Key Pro M8 key programmer.
It took a while to find out the right “pocket” To place the remote
in order to program it.
Next time will be easier !!
But the skp900 will do the same job
and also reading the pin code

Make 2009 Mazda cx9 key, which key programmer

Hey folks! Having problems connecting to a 2009 Mazda cx9...i tried skp900, ck100, and tcode and all I get is error. Customer says he tried starting it like 100 times with a key with no chip.
Did he lock up the computer? Does anyone know how to get my machines to connect to the ecu??

Solution 1

Try unplugging the battery for at least 30 minutes that worked for me in the past.
When you plug it back put jumper cables with your car running too

Solution 2
Try skp900 key programmer under cx7 it worked for me



My SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer runs very well before, but those days it stop working, and I get this prompt from my skp-900, which says: “CAN BE USED 0 TIMES, ADD IT IN MAIN MENU, ADD TIMES FUNCTION, [NO] BACK “, what does it mean? Here is the error picture:
Answer from technician:  The picture error tells you your SKP900 tokens run out, you need add new tokens. If you need any help when adding tokens, check How to add free tokens for SKP900


SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer Original vs. Clone

Cheap clone SKP900 with better price rushed into in the aftermarket. What’s the difference between the original SuperOBD SKP900 auto key programmer and the clone? OBD365 authorized SKP900 dealer here list 6 differences.

1. Original SKP-900 with the power-on logo: SuperOBD, the clone with AUGOCOM logo.

Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer
2. Original SKP900 key programmer uses top quality high-resolution LCD display; The clone uses low quality normal screen.

3. Clone SKP900 is much lighter in weight than the original.

4. Original SKP900 takes about 10 seconds to load the software, but the clone jump to the main menu list directly.

5. Original SKP900 software size is much bigger, contains more program, so loading slower.
Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer

Main menu differenceOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer

Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer
6. Car list comparison
Original SKP900 covers major car brands from Asia, Europe, USA etc
Clone SKP900 covers mostly Chinese car models.
Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer
Take Ford operation menu as an example:

Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmerOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmerOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmerOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmerOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmerOriginal SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer
7. SuperOBD SKP900 has CE certificate. Quality assurance. But the clone does not.

Original SuperOBD SKP900 vs. clone SKP900 key programmer

SKP900 vs. CK100 V45.06 vs. CK100 V99.99

Some discussions are raised among CK100 programmer (V45.06 and V99.99) and SuperOBD SKP 900 key programmer. What’s the difference among them and how to choose a better one?
Following displays the differences:
SKP900 key programmer is able to calculate pin code for many vehicle models for programming while CK100 can not. CK100 V45.06 and CK100 V99.99 project the same function. Both SKP900 and CK100 can program Toyota G chip.
SKP900 is the product of SuperOBD manufacture which ranked highest level among the three. According to customers’ feedback, CK100 V45.06 has a better quality than CK100 V99.99.
Vehicle support:
SKP900 support almost all vehicles in the world and SKP900 manufacturer has got it back and is developing its car list. CK100 works great on most of vehicle makes and covers some vehicles up to 2014, but it does not cover all of their models, especially the newer ones made in 2014.
SKP900 support lifelong free update online while CK100 key programmer can not.
SKP900 is available for $880 in wobd2, CK100 V45.06 for $149 and CK-100 V99.99 is newer and cheaper than CK-100 V45.06 at the price of $104.


SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer V3.8 update

Original SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 hand-held OBD2 Auto Key Programmer EnglishVersion V3.8 Released!(Nov.10th, 2015)

SKP900 V3.8 Update Plan
1. KIA K4 Smart Key Program 2014

2. Hyundai Azera Remote Program 2009

3. Mitsubishi Lancer-ex Smart Key and Remote Key Program

4. Chevrolet Camaro Key Program 2012

5. Chevrolet Sail Remote Program 2014

6. MITSUOKA HIMIKO Smart Key Program 2010-

7. Some bugs fixed


FAW Oley Key Program
Dongfeng MX6 Key Program
MG7 Key Program 2013-
Great Wall C50 Smart Key Program
FAW HongQi Smart Key Program
Zotye Z300 Remote Program

How to update SKP-900 key programmer 
SKP900 vehicle list