SKP900 key programmer V4.0 update tool v2.4 download

Original SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer V4.0 update tool (V2.4) can be directly  downloaded free here:
SKP-900 V4.0 Update Plan:
1. Cadillac ATS-L smart key program 2015-
2. Cadillac SRX smart key program 2015-
3. Cadillac XTS smart key program 2015-
4. Mitsubishi V93 key program 2015-
5. JEEP Grand Cherokee smart key program 2014-
6. Cadillac SLS smart key program 2007-2009
7. Hyundai smart key program 2015-
8. Buick Excelle smart key program 2015-
9. Fix some BUGs
FAW XENIA S80 key program
FAW N5 key program
FAW V5 key program
FAW V7 key program
FAW D60 key program
Chery E5 remote program
Great Wall H2 smart key program
ZhongHua key program free pincode
MG GS Smart key program

How to update SKP900?

1. Register a member in www.superobd.com
2. Register your SKP-900 in your member centre in your member centre
3. Download the update file in your member centre, and unzip it to get the update bin file.
4. Download the update tool
5. Connect SKP900 to the computer using the USB cable
6. Run the update tool, click OPEN to open the update bin file
7. Click Auto Scan Port button to setup the COM port
8. Click UPDATE button to start update.
CAUTION: It takes about 37 minutes for a update.
SKP900 price is down to US$599 shipped from US in obdii365.com.


SKP900 key programmer download tokens problem

When download SKP900 key programmer tokens the machine showed nothing. How to solve?


When tried to add the free tokens and when he plug it in, the screen comes on but with no script. Just along the bottom of the screen it has some blocked areas, when pushes the Yes button, a loading bar does load, but with no text, just blank. The machine has never been abused or dropped, keep it in a foam padded case.

Engineers solution: Just update SKP900 and try many times, The problem will be solved.


SKP900 Key Programmer “CAN BE USED 0 Time” Error Solution

Today one of our customer reflected that his SKP900 had the error reading “CAN BE USED 0 Time; ADD IT IN MAIN MENU; ADD TIMES FUNCTION” when started working on his car.
As for this SKP900 key programmer  error, the technical engineer of obdii365.com gives the following answer:
It is owing to the tokens has been already used up, so it can be back to normal use by adding enough tokens. Here share you how to add tokens for SKP-900.
How to add tokens for SKP900 Key Programmer: 
  1. You need to go to the official website: http://www.superobd.com/to register and login, then click the “download” menu, download and install the program named “SKP-900_Add_Free_Tokens”.
2.Connect SKP-900 to pc via USB cable, press “Add free tokens” button.
3. Open the activation software, then click”Scanning port“(Note: Every time you can add 100 TOKENS, you can add free tokens only your device has less than 10 tokens). 4. Then click “Activating”button to add free tokens.



How to program Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 key with SKP900

One of our customer has successful tested SKP900 key programmeron his Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 model.
“I just got skp900 package last week with the best price on sales… the lucky dog, you know.
items in the box included are:
– the SKP-900 Main Unit
– some cables
– some adapters
– Manual
Bought this tool for a couple of reasons:
– i need a key tool to do key programming for my Lancer 2012. Google and Talked with some users in forums, then skp-900 be the best choice.
– best price at obdii365.com( 619US$) original but Cheap that makes me finish order here.
Here’s the photo of my car:
At the beginning, i went through the menu in the skp900… It is very easy to use… Just follow the screen instruction with four arrow buttons, YES/NO button, and keyboard button. No more worry about operation before this. Kids can do it, i think.
Then i began key programming for my Lancer
Screenshots of all the procedure are here
skp900-key-programmer-lancer-3 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-4 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-5 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-6 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-7 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-8 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-9 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-10 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-11 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-12 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-13 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-14 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-15