SKP900 Program VW Jetta 2010 All Keys Lost

Successfully read pin code and program new key for VW Jetta 2010 (all keys have lost) by using SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer.

Step 1: Read PIN code
Turn ignition on and connect SKP900 with car via OBD port.
Select Immobilizer> VW > Read Pin code1>Password Reading SYS1
Password Reading SYS1
Wait a minute and SKP900 read out the pin code as 3904.

Step 2: Program Key
Back to VW menu, select Jetta 10-
select Jetta 10-
Choose “Immobilizer System” then “Yes”. SKP900 will show you vehicle information, click “Yes”.
Immobilizer System
Select Program Key
Select Program Key
Enter the pin code 3094 and confirm.
Enter the pin code 3094
Current number of keys:1
Current number of keys
Enter key numbers to be programmed, maximum 2 keys can be programmed
Enter key numbers to be programmed
Now use all matching keys to turn on ignition. It will soon show “Matching Finished”.
Matching Finished
Program a new key succeed.
Test the new key.

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